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October 20th, 2006 at 02:34 pm

My house is a study in gratitude this week.

Couple #1 (the young kids) aren't grateful for a thing, at least that's the way they act. Fortunately, they aren't at the house much. Praying they get a permanent situation real soon! Smile

Couple #2.....Grateful for every little thing and tell me so often. Very helpful around here, always keeping their eyes open for things that need doing.

Me: Can't imagine being in either couples shoes. I have all my needs covered oh so well........and have many of my wants met too. Blessed indeed.
(I'm also grateful I only have 1 dog....the extra dog this week is truly a hassle some times!!!)

Room mate person: So into herself she isn't even aware of the needs of both of these couples. Granted she has a full plate this week, but she has been in these peoples shoes.......I guess I just expected more awareness from her.

Chalking up another no spending day, but will have a huge chunk of change going out this coming week.........2nd half of property taxes coming due on Halloween. Yuk. I've got the funds, I just hate to spend them on so much that I don't agree on!

Back to work..........more drapes to hem. I'm beginning to think that is all I've got in the sewing room.

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