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Chick Report & Other Happenings

October 13th, 2006 at 06:30 pm

The chicks are doing well......chirping away, starting to eat the food and definately drinking water. (must have been parched after 3 days in a box!) Heading out to the coop soon to tuck them all in for the night.

Had a couple sewing customers that came to pick up their orders.....Money IN. Love that! Both happy, both promise to return with more work. Got pro active and asked them each to tell someone else and also mentioned the knitting classes & group forming. (not usually so In Your Face with my work........but that is free advertising, I'm not passing it up!)

Respite kiddo here already........will have 2 this week end. Cooked ahead already, so not much involved meal-wise for the 3 days. Spent time in their room today & moved furniture....it's a better set up now. We dealt with the not so good lay out for a year.....Gads, am I lazy or what? The movers clunked the stuff down and that's where it stayed! Looks better now, and both boys have more space.

It was a no spending day here......nothing novel in that for me. Only went out at 5AM for chickens.....not much else going on at that time of day to spend money on anyway!! Smile

Hung clothes outside; they almost got dry. I think they will feel dry once they warm up inside. I'm NOT going to run the dryer!

Going to bed REAL early, since I was up with the chickens before dawn today. They may be full of energy, but I wound down about 5 tonight........ Need to keep my eyes open long enough to dispense meds and get the kiddo into bed.

1 Responses to “Chick Report & Other Happenings”

  1. lrjohnson Says:

    I KNEW that good news would come after the 10/7 post...but I'm thrilled it came so early. The chicks and the tax thing? Hot! Asking a satisfied customer to tell a friend? Brilliant!

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