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My Job's Done

September 29th, 2006 at 04:52 pm

My part time job officially ends tomorrow.....but the whole deal closed up shop today. At 3PM to be exact. I was on line checking email when I got home after classes today.......to find I had new clients to enter into the data base. Also a note re; some last minute changes I was to make to about 12 of the files.

I had time, so I started working on the list when I received the email about the data base shutting down at 3....I had only 12 minutes to go. I begged for a bit of time and finished at 3:09. Whew! I was a little cross eyed at first, trying to hurry. Because, of course........you all know what happens when one hurries?? I suddenly developed a case of several extra fingers and everyone that could, came to my door. (even a neighbor with their horse, wanting to borrow a pasture for a few hours!)

But, it's over, and I think I finished all that I could do. Certainly enough to warrant them paying me for Sept.

I managed to come up with a letter from a sort of supervisor person, got it emailed to the proper person (had to do that before Mon; got the request today) and I'm scheduled for an interview on Wed. (no location, no time yet)

Firmed up the parks & rec job, faxed all that paperwork in..........doubled the commitment to 2 classes, which will only be a whopping 4 hours; but it's a start with a totally new connection. I might be able to pull some private students from that pool too.

All in all..........a VERY busy day. We are feeling fogged in, as all the windows have been taped & plastic-ed for tomorrows paint job. I have 2 boys for the week end, I'm busy doing my impression of Betty Crocker as I type here.....cooking enough so I won't have to be in the kitchen much over the week end....... And, the last RV renter is being moved out. His surgery didn't go well, so he isn't able to come back here; so there are cars & trucks coming & going all the time.

It was a no spender & I even made some money today at knitting class!

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