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911- KNIT call

September 23rd, 2006 at 03:41 pm

Well, now I've gone on a bona fide knitting emergency call. I've always told my students to call me, as there are many occasions I can offer assistance over the phone if they didn't want to wait until the next class..........

But, my brand new student (of yesterday) had left a message saying she needed help...and when she called again this AM, she had something I couldn't guide her through on the phone. Her cat had attacked her knitting, and removed the needles.......then drug it around several rooms of her house. Needless to say, as a brand new knitter, she couldn't figure out what way was up, let alone get it going again. (and I had cast on for her, as I don't like to have brand new beginners cast on AND learn to knit the first lesson)

So, I packed up my knitting supplies and off I went.... She paid me for another lesson, as I did stay the whole hour. Knit her off a piece of my work, and left her with more practice yarn on her needles. She actually knit 5 or 6 rows while I was there.....with no more than 1 error per row, which isn't bad, considering how hard she has to work to knit. It's definately not coming easy for her.

But, it's a money in day for me, as she paid me for a months worth of lessons today. Nice. And, a new concept for me re; how to bill for classes.

I'm gathering up items for our "camping" trip tomorrow, clothes out on the line, pantry items grouped together in the kitchen and perishable food listed so I won't forget them. I'm only in charge of the meal for the first night and then the drinks for the 4 days....so it's super easy for me. My goal is for the disabled young man I'm taking with me, to make the dinner......so it's going to be prepped, & ready, he just needs to assemble and take the credit. I know we'll be hearing about the dinner menu for years to come; he will be so excited to have participated. This is for sure one of those things that doesn't cost much; but will end up being priceless. Way more fun for me than buying something, that's for certain.

I'm having a terrific day here, everyone on the property is getting along, most everyone is working their tail off and I can see items getting chalked off the master TO DO list here. Love days like this. Productivity; gotta love it.

1 Responses to “911- KNIT call”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    I think your landlord projects are neat - fun for the tenants as well. Fun? Yeah it's fun to be a part of making something look/be better and nice to sit back after a day's labor and appreciating what a little elbow grease can do! Probably makes them feel like a little community! Pride of 'ownership' and all that.

    Today The Hubster and I got out and got some tree limbs pruned, leaves swept up and a date set up with a painter for an estimate. Not a lot done, but enough to see progress. Sometimes it just takes one person getting off their franny!

    So, good for you guys, contrary1!!

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