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First Payout

August 25th, 2006 at 07:53 am

I have tried some of the pay to read sites, along with some of the survey sites but haven't paid much attention to them actually. They do seem easy here, if I'm on hold for something, I can click my way through a list of them pretty quickly. But, I truly was doing it mindlessly until yesterday.

I got an email asking if I wanted a pay out.....and when I checked a pay out of what....I had $23.00. A pleasant surprise for sure. Of course I said yes, a check would be just dandy.

The things I've learned on this site range from huge to tiny little things like reading emails for pennies! But, my little mindless on hold activity has now added $23.00 to the coffers here. Not bad!

Thanks to all here that continue their generous sharing of tips, ideas and websites. Never think "we" out here aren't paying attention. I thought I was pretty frugal prior to starting to read the blogs here, but wow, I truly was just starting out compared to some of you. It would be fun to know just how much I've saved and how much money I've earned directly related to this site........but nope, that's not an exercise I would do. (numbers make my brain fry) But, I can see by yesterdays surprise that the pennies truly do still add up!

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