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Temp. Tenants Positive So Far

August 11th, 2006 at 07:36 am

Well, the new couple moved in last night and so far, all's well. They get up at 3 something to get themselves to work (only 1 vehicle, so lots of driving for her).

Forgot to mention the best benefit of this entire arrangement.........she is a massage therapist, licensed in CA, but here she needs to go back to school for additional hours. But, she is bringing her table tonight and offered to share her talents!!! I'll have to bite my tongue or I'll let her have the room here for nothing!!! Smile

This is sounding like my deal with the horses........I get to have them here on the property and don't have to pay for them...Oh, wait....the horse lady PAYS ME.

This is sounding sort of similar...but it is temporary! I did ponder the idea of going to rent their apt. they are waiting for, so they would have to stay here and I could get my massage here while they PAY ME. (seeing a trend here........???)

Anyway, Day 1 of the temp. people and at this point, I like them both. Very fun couple and funny too. Animals lovers, gardeners and gone most of the time. I need to find something they want/need to trade for my massage now...... Smile Will keep my ears open & see if we have something on their list.

1 Responses to “Temp. Tenants Positive So Far”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Yes, would'nt it be nice to keep them! They don't need an apartment! They can stay with you. Sounds like that commute is a KILLER though! I guess you'll have to let them go. :-(

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