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Dollars & Elbow Grease Down the Drain

August 7th, 2006 at 01:22 pm

I just returned from a walk through of my rental property. I didn't cry. Tears would be warranted, that's for sure. Also, tearing out of hair, screaming to the heavens, all sorts of ranting & raving would be totally appropriate when I saw the condition of the place. All the work, as well as the money, I can't even think about it right now. This is one of the times to just close that book and open a new one, otherwise nothing beneficial would happen. I will be attentive through all this, and learn what I can from the experience.

On the flip side, I did take a helper, empty pots & shovels, and did take the time to fill the van with plants. The gardens weren't as bad as the house was; only a bit overgrown, not too many weeds due to the way the beds have been planted with ground covers. The ponds are dry, no one cleaned or kept them filled.........the veggie garden has been allowed to go back to blackberries....

Fortunately, the 2 sets of contractors that have rented it now, had been in the place for 48 hours..........working their tails off. They had removed all the ruined carpets, emptied the trash out (will fill a 20 yard container I'm having delivered on Wed) and started cleaning before I got there this AM. I do owe these folks something huge as a thank you for dealing with this mess.......it isn't theirs, truly isn't mine and we are both left dealing with it.

I will be keeping my eyes & ears open for ways to bless them as we get to know each other over the next couple years.

Adding the entire experience to my 'hard lessons learned'.

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