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No Shopping for Me

July 3rd, 2006 at 12:40 pm

Well, did I ever make out like a bandit. My housemate brought home sacks and sacks of shoes and 6 of them fit perfectly. I've got all sorts of new footwear now....and I think one pair will work for my event I've got to dress up for. Will have to check this out when I try on the outfit....I may need something a tad more summery, but I'm motivated to make this pair work.

I love deals like this! I even got shoes I wouldn't normally look twice at. And, a couple pair to use for walking shoes at least to begin with. I may want to invest in this area......but for now, I'm off, and hmmmm walking (not running)


The day is looking like a no spend day here, doing all the now normal things to keep costs down to the bare minimum here.
I've learned our water heaters are so well insulated I can even leave them off for a whole day & still have enough hot water for us. Usually I remember to turn them on an hour or so every AM.

Sent in a form to be considered for a test panel. If accepted, it says you receive samples and thank you gifts. I could live with that.
Also completed the survey on the freebie list today, for the $10.00 G/C to Amazon. This puts me up to $73.00 just for Amazon now; and I can get that number to go a loooong ways.

I am a tad cranky with my sewing customer of the black sequined blazer fame. She called to say she can't wear it. Too big. Well, yes......it is a bit on the large side (could have something to do with the fact she is at least a 4X) but I made a mock up & she approved that.........now the exact copy isn't right. Drat. And, Darn. It will be just like starting over; except I need to take it all apart first.

1 Responses to “No Shopping for Me”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Sorry about the jacket! Good luck!

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