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Too, Too Hot Here

June 27th, 2006 at 10:09 pm

OK, enough with this weather mix up. Obviously, Washington has got someone elses' weather this week, maybe Texas or Arizona? And, all our rain is falling back east. What happened??

I have become quite productive after dark and almost before dawn. Sprinklers on, laundry hung, cooking happening when most people should be sleeping here. But, that is the only way life is going to continue on without a hitch here, as we keep going with this over 80, over 90 degree weather.

And, to top it off, my little sidebar here from Google, that has the weather for our little town listed.............says that today was 100 here. (down to a balmy 86 right now at 10PM) What sort of trial is this??

I was getting very good at all my frugal habits, keeping things done ahead of time, running things, turning things off.....all those little things we have all added to our days work. Then, with our heatwave, I am doing NOTHING during the day here! We're getting out of whack.

At least the heat isn't costing me anything. We don't have A/C, and we have our own well, so we're not charged for our water (extra showers to stay cool, sprinklers for the gardens, etc) it would really make me miffed if this was uncomfortable AND was costing me $$.

Thankfully, our house is staying cool. A pleasant surprise since this is our first summer here. A couple tips I remember from my dad..........he would take the hose to the roof in the evening, to cool the dark roof off before we all went to bed; helped a bit, we could see the thermometer drop. Also, setting the sprinkler outside for a bit, near open windows with the fans in them..........gave a very nice cool sensation inside. Just hearing the water helped too.

I've pulled out a small interior fountain one of the kids made me a few years ago. Filled with water, the sound inside when it is this hot really does sound soothing.
I'm down to using any possible trick here!!

Ready to trade back with whoever has Seattles rain!!! I'm WAY done with the hot weather already!

2 Responses to “Too, Too Hot Here”

  1. robex Says:

    I'm in the Lower Mainland and I agree with you...hot, hot, hot!

    We spent the last two evenings at the water park trying to cool the kids off so they can sleep!

  2. boomeyers Says:

    As I keep telling Ray, stick your head in the freezer! It helps a bit!

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