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My Points; finally something to redeem

April 13th, 2006 at 07:44 am

I hit 2000 points last night & plan to redeem them for gift cards today. This still seems like such an odd deal to me, I read emails and they pay me. Odd; but neat!

I did not purchase anything, this is just with the daily "read this & earn 5 points" type of emails. I remember getting an email that asked me to update my preferences, to increase the number of emails received........ I did do that & found WAY more emails per day from My Points. Helped boost the total that way.

When I signed up, I was just checking things I might be interested in, not really understanding what I was doing.......just blindly following someones directions here in a post. Now, I've got this figured out! Should be getting a gift card every couple months at the new rate the emails are being sent to me.

A No Spend Day here....... Can't garden; it's way too wet here this week. I've nothing stockpiled to price for the antique booth, all books are listed on line........I will have to search for something to do today.
Will update Craigs list for the rental, sewing business as well as a note re; the antique booths week end hours.

I have this rule, or guideline for my life.........if I want something to happen, I need to be AT LEAST meeting whatever it is half way. So, if I'm aiming to switch jobs and make up the income, I have to DO stuff towards that goal. Sitting around waiting for something to happen TO ME.......not my style. So, up and ready........let's see what I can get accomplished today!

3 Responses to “My Points; finally something to redeem”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    I'm up to 1675 points...it's amazing how quickly they add up. I'm saving the giftcards I get to offset my christmas expenses...I should do pretty well...

  2. boomeyers Says:

    I'm up to 7500 points! I'm guarding them. It's kind of fun just thinking, I could spend it on this, or this, or this.......

  3. contrary1 Says:

    I traded some of my points for a barnes & noble gc, as I need to order & ship a book to someone. I guess I'm just a little tentative on these points/cards programs still.........thinking the card in hand is better than a list of points somewhere. Just call me skeptical!! Smile

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