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Safe, cozy & dry

April 5th, 2006 at 08:53 pm

The new addition here at the ranch.........a 19something or other travel trailer. (with pink appliances, no less) I'm hoping we can put it to use, housing someone that needs a safe, cozy and dry place to stay. (that likes pink!!)

It really is cute & has been taken care of well. Everything but the oven works.

I want to be able to tell the next person that comes across my path, here's the keys, you get the cute unit out back there. I've always had to tell people I had space, but they needed to scare up their own trailer/RV. This should help.

None of this is bringing any $$ into the coffers, but it feels right. I couldn't turn this down, it was FREE. And, it got hauled here, leveled and has a title. Couldn't ask for much more. I guess this qualifies as one of my LIFES' RULES:

When someone offers me something for free, it would be a shame to turn it down. It usually means I'll be needing it soon anyway!!!

Here's hoping it gets used well.....

4 Responses to “Safe, cozy & dry”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Can visitors come and stay in the trailer? My girls would love a pink place! :-)

  2. contrary1 Says:


  3. Ima saver Says:

    Are you providing the electricity and heat for these places? I lived in a travel trailer once and it was terrible to heat!

  4. contrary1 Says:

    So far, just some electricity as well as water hook ups. No heat at this point, but it isn't cold enough to need it here. Sleeping bags are great and if someone was used to being in their truck, this looks pretty cushy actually.

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