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My life's rules...........Rule #1

March 31st, 2006 at 09:48 am

I've had this rule for as long as I can remember, in fact..........I think I was raised with it. My parents didn't talk about it like I do, so I don't remember being "taught" this one; I just absorbed it.

I call it my "24 Hour Rule". It has governed my life, my household, raising hundreds of other peoples' kids and has probably saved me thousands of $$ up to now.

I don't make any major decisions in the NOW. So, I'm never pressured into anything, saving $$ and stress. (mine, not others....I'm sure my rule has ticked off many a salesperson!) This is one level of the rule, however the more personal level has evolved into more of a lifestyle than anything.

This rule has smoothed out our household, given me something to use as back up when parenting multiple kids, difficult ones too. This rule was on the top of our sheet of House Rules & I can't remember veering from it. (only fire, flood & blood qualify)
I used the 24 hours to my benefit, although it turned out everyone benefited, as I was more able to assist everyone. Everyone relied on me for transportation (we lived 7 miles from the nearest public transportation system, much to kids dismay) & they needed to request my help 24 hours earlier for rides to activities, jobs or social events.
If someone needed treats for a meeting, class, etc...........you got it, 24 hours necessary lead time. (saves tons if these things are planned ahead. Again, saving stress AND $$$)
Works for added guests too.........either for a meal or sleep over.
The household schedule ran smoother......I was less apt to be cranky........the kids learned to plan & organize; a definate WIN-WIN in my book.

As I look at some of my adult kids, now raising families......most of them have adopted the 24 hour rule too. These days, there are more things pulling families in different directions and having a 24 hr heads up for things certainly helps.

"Blaming" the House Rule is easier than having a band of kids on my case too. House Rules were carved in granite in my home, so there was a non negotiable status with them. Saved my sanity many a times (did still end up gray however)as kids didn't think it was ME out to get them, they could mumble under their breath or swear to the roof tops.... about the stupid rule!

5 Responses to “My life's rules...........Rule #1”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Now THAT is an excellent rule. I am just frightened of the horrible whining I would get if they did forget something! I don't know if I could be strong enough not to bail them out! :-)

  2. contrary1 Says:

    You only have to hold the line a couple times and people get the drift. Earplugs, loud classical music, whatever you can think of...........Mowing the lawn worked for me!!

  3. goodhome Says:

    What a wonderful and useful rule. Thank you for sharing it. Sometimes I feel like I am forever putting out fires, this rule would put an end to that. I'm going to think of ways I can apply it to my situation.

  4. PrincessPerky Says:

    I like that rule, do you have a list of the other rules, sometimes I feel like piinting ot a written in stone list would help here. but I am not sure what is importantn enough to write in stone.....

  5. contrary1 Says:

    Yes, I've had house rules written down for decades. They have had minor tweaks over the years as the types of kids have changed. The tradition was, the last "new kid" got to read them to the "brand new kid" when they arrived.
    Had to really amend the whole process about 10 years ago when I started taking kids who were delayed........no one could read!! Smile We adapted.
    Working on taxes now, but I'll keep my eyes open for the file on house rules if you really want a copy, Perky.

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