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Unsettling Phone Call

September 13th, 2007 at 08:19 pm

We had a great day, crossed the ferry, had lunch out and viewed 2 more beach houses prior to visiting The House we had seen twice before. Sat on the porch there & made a quick plan for tomorrow to list some more things, and come up with an offer to present.

As we got back home this evening, while everyone was saying good bye, and congrats to my mom for her decision re; the house........I decided to check voice mail. I was waiting for the call from the couple we need to get together with to sign the lease for the little rental. (probably the piece of property mom will list for sale too.......not the best timing, however the lease is for a year and any commercial use will have a couple years with the planning stage, so it should work)

Anyway........back to the phone. I did get a call from the young couple, excited out of their minds, this will be their first place. Also got the call from moms DR, her prescriptions are finally ready but they didn't get them faxed in. Drat. Then, there was a female voice, never did identify herself, saying horrible things to my mom re; the little house that just rented.

This woman was very ticked that we had "kicked out" her friend who used to live there. We did ask her to move, last Oct, primarily for her disregard of the lease terms & not paying her rent. It has set vacant until this coming Oct..... But, the woman on the phone was crazy mad that it was being rented to anyone, (there is a for rent sign in the window) as she thought we were selling it as commercial property. And, little does she know.....it will hopefully be sold asap as just that.

She continued to rant at my mother on the voice mail.......about how she was going to tell everyone in town just what mom had done. I'm so glad I was the one to check the voice mail! I deleted her right then, as I didn't want mom to have this spoil her day.

We did decide on the beach house...it is small, but it will work. Mom is on cloud nine. Tired, but still happy with her decision.

Hoping the voice mail lady has a really terrible day, that her negative stuff will circle right back at her. Not nice, but I'm tired and cranky too and that is exactly the way I feel. Sooooo grateful I grabbed the phone as soon as I got in the house!

6 Responses to “Unsettling Phone Call”

  1. baselle Says:

    That is unsettling. But ultimately its your property and you asked the offending party to move, which they did. Sounds like you have what I had: a Nut.

  2. Nic Says:

    This is Very strange. Please,be careful. If she leaves any more messages, you may want to save it in case she starts to harass you and your mom...it makes great evidence. Let's hope it never comes to that.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    I believe what goes around comes around. The woman is obviously a very unhappy person.

  4. debtfreeme Says:

    Business is business. The former renter did not hold up her end of the lease agreement and you let her go end of issue. It is no one else’s business what you do with your own property. If you ever answer the phone live remind her of the business issue. If people can't pay they can't stay. Her friend sounds unstable and a little scary. Do you have caller id? Keep any other messages in the future.

    I think you might want to mention it in passing to mom, what if she picks up the phone and that woman is on the other end? It might be pretty frightening to her to have that on the other end. Good luck.

  5. fern Says:

    Is there any way you can recover that voice message? The caller ( i wouldn't be surprised if it was the former renter herself, not a 'friend') sounds menacing, and it would have been helpful to keep on hand in case you needed to make a complaint to police for harassment or WHATEVER.

    Hopefully, that's the last you'll hear of that, but anyone who's that wacked out to leave nasty voice messagees is someone to treat with caution and prudence.

  6. contrary1 Says:

    I know I should have saved the message, but I was just not thinking. Tired from the day of house hunting, ferry ride, 8 hours for our little trip.....and I didn't want my mom to ever hear the message. (kicking myself for ever teaching her how to use the voice mail system here!!)

    I'm going to have my nephew search out the new phone number for former renter & give her a call. Start with asking her if she wants the items she left in a storage shed on our property, then letting her know we are listing it commercially. Depending on how she seems....maybe even asking her to let her "friend" know about the commercial plans.....that we truly weren't lying to anyone, (as if it's any of her business what mom does with her property anyway). But, trying to keep the phone call decent & business like. Hoping this works.

    I'm thinking of having the calls from the house forwarded to my cell when I'm gone without mom. Just a couple calls from her twin that would mess up that plan. Thinking quickly as to how to avoid mom getting tangled up in this.

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