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Coins Everywhere

June 6th, 2007 at 11:32 pm

While moving some of my things into moms house, I've been organizing to make some room. In the process, we've been coming across a container or two in almost every closet & drawer.

Yes, each one of these containers (everything from her favorite cool whip tubs to zip lock bags) is full of coins.

Some all sorted as to pennies, dimes, etc........some all mixed up. Oh, and the odd items too. Best one was a ceramic piece of an angel wing! Several miniature Christmas tree ornaments, bobbie pins (who uses those anymore?), buttons, paperclips, a vitamin, a vintage roll of Certs and a couple items we can't identify. They were apparently special enough to save, but no idea now as to what they are! We have had some laughs......

I've been counting and rolling coins now for 2 days. We're no where near done. I ran out of the paper thingy's and have to make a trip to the bank.

There are so many coin rolls, I have them in a shipping box in the trunk of the car! No way can I lift it anymore, I've been taking them out to the trunk when I walk the dog. I'll have to take them in to the bank over time too.....a handful whenever I make a deposit.

No idea what the total is yet, but it is in the hundreds. Mom wants the money in her newly formed 'greenhouse' fund. That is funny, since she has money already to go purchase one, but her brain is wired to save up for something, so that is what we're doing!

The morning was spent meeting with the potential renter for moms little house. Liked the guy! (he likes yard work!) He is willing to bring the place up to speed, other than the electrical which I have someone working on next week. All this in exchange for a break on the rent as he called it. We are both sleeping on the idea & will talk again tomorrow to see if we can come up with an agreement. We're willing to do 2 months of no rent in exchange for the work, he wants 2 more months with a bit less than the rental amount.

I'm in the middle, as of this morning. Mom told me as she had the notebook ready for the meeting, "you're now in charge of the rentals". She is the one with the experience, I'm the one who hates being a landlord. Doesn't seem like a good fit, but she is not taking the lead role here. So......I jumped in.

Seasons of ones life can be a funny thing when you see them unfold. I would never have imagined my life taking the turns it has over the last couple years.......The older I get, the less I think I'm in charge/control of things. Seems like more stuff just happens & my life is a series of reacting to the stuff. Pretty sure I'm too tired to be making any sense.......should sign off and take care of that! Smile

3 Responses to “Coins Everywhere”

  1. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    wow, treasure! I don't hoarde anything, but then there's no surprises. I also am the guardian of my 97 y-o grandma and never would have imagined. There is probably an ultimate reason, as the lessons I'm learning couldn't have happened otherwise. (PS take that from an 'almost' atheist point-of-view).

  2. Ima saver Says:

    I still use bobby pins, but just one!!

  3. nance Says:

    With the bad luck we have had with renters, I think I would have him pay the first two months rent, and then give him a month free, followed by two more months rent, and then another free month IF he does what he claims he will do. It would be too easy to get two months free rent, and then leave. We were very conned by a couple who made promises to do SO MUCH and then totally trashed the house and didn't pay rent. Eviction is such a hassle!
    It is better to be safe than sorry, and he would still be getting what he asked for.

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