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My Surprise from the Tax Lady

October 12th, 2006 at 06:57 pm

I'm not sure if I should get excited, or if I should search out a second opinion! I went this AM to pick up my paperwork from my tax preparer lady....I had been trying to reach her all summer (hit and miss trying) and then lately, very seriously trying.

She asked for a few more numbers last week, I emailed them off to her asap.......and today was the day to pick up the piles of paperwork she had of mine, as well as I needed to pay her for her services.........AND, then send off the check with the proper forms.

She had me review the return (like I can tell what it all means???) and said I owe zero. ZERO?? That I truly don't understand. I had asked her to estimate how much I would owe when I dropped off the paperwork to her last spring. She told me a whopping figure for the capitol gains tax......which I promptly did some short term CD stuff with, so I could make some money while she was putting together the return.

Apparently, she had not figured in the 1031 exchange bit, which is set up to reduce capitol gains......thus, the zero owed. Now, do I go with "apparently", or do I pay money to have someone else double check the figures? Gads, what to do in these kinds of situations? I'm absolutely no good with anything to do with numbers....truly deficient in that area.

The whole thing has been e-filed, so it is on it's way already.... I can always hope & pray it passes muster and no one finds anything amiss??

I confess, I'm already imagining a bathtub in my master bathroom now.....in the worst way! Smile Definately enough money in this stash of mine to do a tub and plumbing. Will ponder the situation for a few more days...but the vision of steam coming up from a bathtub is almost too much for this tired old woman!!! I might start tearing out the closet in preparation!

2 Responses to “My Surprise from the Tax Lady”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Now, don't go nuts! She had to put a taxpreparer number and name on the return, did'nt she? Then you should be safe, because it would be her fault, but you would still have to pay. It might be worth it to spend a little bit to get a second opinion. Then you could tear out the closet with confidence!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I just read about the 1031 exchange. I believe it happens when you sell a rental property but buy a new one of at least equivalent or greater value within 180 days of selling the first one. Its considered changing one for the other as opposed to just selling one and then buying another. If that is what you did you should be safe.

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