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sewing customers bearing gifts

August 14th, 2006 at 07:35 am

This is just too easy. I responded to a freecycle item over the week end, (a huge bolt of sheer fabric,) thinking it might work to finish out the window treatments in my bedroom........

And, as luck would have it, the fabric belonged to someone I've begun to sew for & she quickly emailed me saying I was first to respond and she would bring the "good" with her today when she comes for her order. (that isn't even started yet!!! Thank goodness it is just hemming drapery panels)

Nice deal and I don't even have to drive for it. I had enough sheer fabric to do my slider but nothing left over for the windows, so I'm hopeful this new bolt will be adequate. I'm going to tea dye both pieces so they are similar in color, just want an off white, creamy neutral sort of affair and the tea should do the trick & if course it is in my price range of FREE.

Coffee's done, I'm heading to work.....which consists of shuffling out to the sewing room where I can open up the big door to the gardens, have my coffee, listen to some great music and make money at the same time. Not a bad day "at work" at all.

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